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Car technical reviews - Taxi 1

Car technical reviews

Taxi 1 Ltd. has a licensed point for annual technical inspections of vehicles in Plovdiv, Eastern Industrial Zone in Izgrev (see the map marker and use the navigation on your smartphone). Performs annual technical inspections of cars and vans up to 3.5 tons, including periodic technical inspections of taxis, passenger and freight vans.

Work time:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 18:30
Saturday: 08:00 - 12:30

Prices for Annual Technical Inspection:

  • car - BGN 60
  • car with alternative fuel (gas, methane) - BGN 70
  • car 4x4 - BGN 70
  • truck up to 3.5 tons - BGN 80
  • trailers up to 0.750t - BGN 40

Point for Annual technical inspections

address: Plovdiv, Izgrev, ul. Udrow Wilson 5, Iztochna promishlena zona
mobile.: +359 893 38 96 02
e-mail: gtp @




Services in ATI of Taxi 1 Plovdiv

  • Diagnosis of the current technical condition of the vehicle, including inspection of systems, units and mechanisms of the vehicle
  • Inspection and adjustment of lighting system, incl. xenon - check dimensions, low and high beams, taillights, turn signals, halogens
  • Diagnosis and verification of the effectiveness of the brake system and verification of the hygroscopicity of the brake fluid
  • Checking the suitability of the catalytic converter and the effectiveness of its action
  • Chassis inspection and suspension
  • Checking the serviceability of LPG / CNG systems
  • Inspection and repair of speed measuring device - speedometer / mileage
  • VHF repair - all types of radio stations


Useful information for drivers


Each vehicle must appear for an annual technical inspection by the date indicated in the sign for periodic technical inspection of the previous year / period.


  • Cars are obliged to pass a technical inspection in the third and fifth year of their initial registration as new cars, after which they pass annual technical inspections.
  • Taxis and buses are presented for periodic technical inspection every 6 months.
  • Trucks and trailers, the initial registration of which is more than 10 years old, are subject to a technical inspection every 6 months. Before the tenth year of initial registration - every year.
  • Motorcycles and touring trailers are required to submit for technical inspections every 2 years.

The following documents are required in case of GTR:

  • Vehicle registration certificate - large and small coupon
  • Driving license - driver's license of the respective driver
  • sign for performed technical inspection from the previous year
  • Civil Liability Insurance policy for the year in which the GTR is performed
  • in case of installed AGU, methane or gas system, document for technical and serviceability
Пункт за годишни технически прегледи на Такси 1Пункт за годишни технически прегледи на Такси 1
Пловдив, зад Преспите в Изгрев
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